Concert Outfits

Last night was awesome!! My boyfriend and I went to go see Kid Rock, ZZ Top, and Uncle Kracker! I couldn’t find any outfits to wear…

003At first, I was gonna go with this shirt and one of three skirts: This one

004This skirt

005Or this skirt.

Eventually, I went with the red and black skirt, and decided to put it all together.



009Hat I brought at Wal-Mart

Rock & Roll shirt I brought at Walmart

Candies skirt I brought from Kohl’s a long time ago

Arizona shirt I brought from JC Penny’s

I changed my mind on it at the last second, and decided to go with this outfit:

091A shirt that says I Heart Music.

Now, for eyeshadow: Pink and black



024The pink is light, so that’s maybe why you guys won’t see it

All in all, I had a blast last night. Kid Rock, ZZ Top, and Uncle Kracker were awesome!! Can’t wait to see em again soon!


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