This Week’s Fashion

I’ve been sick since yesterday (And for all of the bad reasons, as Mother Nature’s ‘gift’ wants to come bug me once again), so I couldn’t post anything this week (Also I suffered not only a leg cramp, which traveled through my jaw AND my lower left side of my abdomen, but the following day after I was pain free, I suffered a neck strain, which had my neck hurting like crazy, but it’s bout 90% healed).

However, I did end up getting some photos of a few of my outfits that I wore this week (Labor Day, and yesterday):

Labor Day

002 003


006Sometimes I like to take photos from the side.

007“Smile, enjoy, and be happy”

(Shirt: OP

Jeans: SO)


1236308_565238576857294_669912267_nThis is what I would like to call: Little Mickey Mouse.

Shirt: Apt. 9

Shorts: Lauren Conrad

Headband: Hello Kitty

Shoes: Arizona Jeans

Purse: Relic

(Drink not included)

1239498_565238620190623_1487591572_nErik was wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog shirt. Oh yea, I had my Hello Kitty headband on too.


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