Arizona Flats

Hey guys! I’m baack!!

007Now, check this out: When I was looking at the JC Penny book, I found some flats that I really want! I freakin love plaid, as you all know, and if you don’t know, then yes, I adore plaid. I hope to get my hands on it next week.. if they have my size, that is. :O Only $19, not a very bad deal, but wait… what’s this?

007Whoa whoa whoa, would you guys look at this?? The name of the shoes are named after me!! Are ya kidding me?? Seriously!! 😀 :O Now I HAVE to buy these!!! Next week (Or sooner), when I go to JC Penny’s, I’ll give you guys an update on if I get the shoes or not! I freakin hope so!!


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