Red, Black, and Blue

Yesterday I was with my family, and I meant to post my outfit, but I was so drained, that it made me sleepy…, but now I’m well rested and ready to post today’s post: My red, black, and blue outfit!

1184903_568358966545255_1122196854_nI tried standing straight up this time. Without the boots, I would’ve been looking really short… of course, I am a bit tiny.

1185067_568358916545260_419021340_nPurse: LULU by Lulu Guinness

Shirt: The Rolling Stones

Skirt: Candies

Tights/Leggings: Hanes (The tights that I wore in this photo are two in one: The can be worn as leggings or tights)

Boots: Decree

1237049_568358953211923_1290027392_nI am really short without the heels.. 5’4, can you really say short?


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