Facial Mask Project: Avocado and Oatmeal Response

Well everyone, bonjour to the facial mask project! Earlier today, I actually brought a facial mask at Walmart. Here is the facial mask package:

006Avocado and oatmeal. To be honest, I’ve never had avocado before (I don’t even know what it taste like, nor what it smells like), so I was a bit surprised to see that it smells so good! Odd, but it really smells good!

007It has vitamin E. it pulls away the excess dirt and oil, and leaves the skin feeling soft. I gotta tell all of you, I am a fan of facial masks, but I try not to use a bunch of em everyday. I use em every few months, especially on the day before and of a special event (Such as the first day of school and whatnot). I actually got the last pack of the Avocado and Oatmeal facial clay mask, so I was eager to try it.

008Yep, you use the mask on your face and neck. Now, this was before the mask dried up.

009I had to comb my hair back in order to avoid the mask to get in my hair.. although 99% of the time, it does end up in my hair.. in the end parts of my hair. Sometimes having medium-long hair can get a bit annoying.

010I had to do two close up photos.. just cause.

011I acutally do put the facial mask on my eyelids (Not INSIDE, OUTSIDE), but it doesn’t sting or anything like that. Once I remove it, it’s just as soft as the other parts of my face and neck.

012My face after the mask dries. Your face and neck will be limited movement once the mask dries, but you will feel the mask working while it dries.

..and the end result is this:

013Your face will be soft, hydrated, and more bright.

014Results may vary though.

015Afterwards, put some lotion on and lo, you are done!

016017I know my hair is messy and whatnot, but at least my face and neck are clear, looking bright, clear… hydrated.., and thus ends the facial mask project. I highly recommend the avocado and oatmeal facial clay mask.


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