JC Penny Madness Part Deux

So today I went to JC Penny’s with my Mum, and at first, I thought that we were only gonna look round, cause the doorbusters sale starts Friday, but we ended up getting some stuff. So while we were there, I took shots of some stuff that I thought would be great for this blog:

002004I found these Converse shoes.. they look like something that one would wear in Japan. In fact, I seen shoes similar to these in Japan! I actually prefer shoes like these rather than the shoes with the secret wedge inside. Believe me, I tried em once, and they hurt my foot.., and yes, I tried my size, and they still hurt. They’re actually similar to high heels and stilettoes.

003005They’re cute, nonetheless.., but the problem I have with em is that they don’t come with another color. Ya know, white gets dirty VERY quickly.. especially white shoes, yea they become a HUGE, dirty problem very quick.

006I LOVE these shoes. They have rainbow shoe strings.. they are too adorable!

007(Pink Envelope) 008(Sugarcoat)

I need a new leather jacket, however… jackets like these I don’t like, cause of how they zip up. Don’t get me wrong, they are cute. I would wear em, however… I would wear em unzipped. Another feature I saw was that there’s a mini belt at the collar. They are on both of the leather jackets, by the way.

009I love how the B. Smart dress is made with the black hearts. It’s too cute!

010While I was looking for a few purse, guess what I found: Recyclable purses!! Yes, they’re by Lilly Bloom. I almost brought it, too, but the one thing that made me didn’t get it was how small the pockets were.. the big purses, though. Alas, I wanted a purse that’ll make me feel like I brought it at an expensive store.

..and now, the moment you all have been waiting for: The stuff that I actually got!

011 Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I finally got the shoes that had my name on it!!

012They are too adorable!! I’m gonna be wearing em tomorrow when I hang out with Erik!

013015016017This is the purse that I went with: Nicole by Nicole Miller. I like the front of it.. black and gold.. this almost defines as something that one would find at an expensive store. It’s really trendy and chic!

One thing that I like bout purses is the number of pockets they have. The more pockets they have, the more I want to have it.

019Final photo: I wanted another school uniform shirt, but I decided to get a basic blouse. $3 more, but hey, it’s perfect for work.

Next post, I’m gonna talk bout hair styles… ponytail vs hanging down.


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