All Black Saturday

Happy first day of fall everyone (Joyeux premier jour de l’automne)! Yesterday I had to work, but first, I went shopping at JC Penny’s again for the 3rd time. This time, I went to look for a leather jacket. So I actually found a few jackets, and a few of trench coats. They were cool, but here were the top three coats and jackets that I wanted:

005(Joe Fresh)

This was my favorite… I wanted this so bad!


I find trench coats luxurious and rich-looking.. and a bit of business- looking too.


For some reason, I find the red appealing.., but if the color was lighter, then I would so get it.

It was tough to choose between Joe Fresh and Avanti, but in the end… I decided on this:

001The trench coat!! 😀 I’m gonna get the Joe Fresh jacket when the price goes down. I gotta admit, it was very hard to choose, but if I had enough money, I would’ve buy both of em.

Oh, and here’s my outfit that I wore yesterday (Before I went to work):

004All black! Catch ya later!


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