50 Shades of Color

Bonjour! Yesterday I kinda stayed at home, but I did go out.

1234009_574193255961826_2111450454_nI haven’t done one of these self shots (I prefer that word instead of the new word ‘selfie’, cause the word selfie is stupid beyond belief.. next to several words and phrases that are used in today’s wording) in a long time.

1374732_574194152628403_1182547289_nScarf: MNG by Mango

Shirt: Energie

Skirt: Candies

Shoes: JC Penny’s

Purse: Nicole by Nicole Miller (Can’t forget the purse now, can’t I?)

Yea, I would like to call this outfit: 50 Shades of Color. Why 50 instead of 6? Just to fit in with the “50 Shades of Grey” gimmick… sorta.

1376380_574194259295059_1035406805_nI forgot to fix my glasses.. my bad, but it does fit in with the self photo, does it not? I think it does.


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