French Outfit A La Mode

I meant to post this last Saturday, but.. I forgot to post all of my photos on my computer. Sorry..

Anyway, I made up another French outfit. Most French outfits don’t have to be in stripes, ya know?

003I had my sunglasses on. People thought that it was part of my regular glasses!

004Just to show everyone my sunglasses up close.. yea, I wore em to work, cause since I was at the registers during that time, the sun gets in my way, so… ya. I also did my hair as well. Sometimes when I wear my hair to the side, one side gets longer than the other.. I guess it’s cause that side is growing at a more faster pace than the other? Who knows…

005Shirt: Bisou Bisou

Skirt: Simply Vera Vera Wang

Leggings: Also by Simply Vera Vera Wang

Shoes: JC Penny

Sunglasses: Really doesn’t have a name…

Two people said that they love my shirt and that I pull it off so nicely! That made my day last Saturday.


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