Sweetest Day Outfit and Hairstyle Results


Yesterday was Sweetest Day, so of course, I had to dress up for it. Friday I found a pretty dress to wear for my birthday party next month, but I would never guess that it’ll be perfect for Sweetest Day!

001002003My first sweater dress! When I first saw this dress, it was originally $118! I am not joking.. this Calvin Klein sweater dress was worth $118, but guess how much I got it for?

$15. I’m not joking once again, I got this dress for only $15.

005 I got my hair done yesterday.. I washed it, yes, and then I tried to style it. I was trying to make a 70’s feather style look, but when I took this photo, this is what I came up with (Thanks to my best friend Lawrence for pointing out that it was a 70’s look, not 80’s. Also thanks to my coworker Jess for the “Baywatch” hairstyle comment on Facebook, lol). Of course, I tried to do the other side, but it was a major fail.. sorta like this photo.

006In the end, this is what I came up with.

007008009To be surprised, almost everyone liked my hairstyle. I tried.. I really did. I normally don’t style my hair like this (I actually don’t style my hair at all), unless it’s for a special date or wedding or something, but I figured: “What the heck.. I might style my hair since I washed it”.., and this is the end result.

011Even my boyfriend Erik (Next to me) likes the hairstyle and outfit.


Dress: Calvin Klein

Jacket: Lennie for Nina Leonardo

Purse: Nicole by Nicole Miller

Leggings: Simply Vera Vera Wang

Boots: Decree

*70’s feather hairstyle made by me*

I seriously look like a businesswoman with this outfit!

012Earrings: Erik’s Mum made em for me for my birthday last yr.


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