White, Blue Eyeshadow, Earrings, and Expensive Suit Jackets

Well yesterday was Halloween, and of course, I decided to be a French foreign exchange student.

013Me and my bro in our costumes!

008Indeed, it is my boyfriend.

009My twin and my other bro. He didn’t dress up, cause he doesn’t celebrate Halloween.

003Okay, so this is what I did (This shirt that I wore previously was the outfit that I was gonna wear, but I did some last minute changing. So anyway, this is what I did as part of my eyeshadow. I decided to enlarge the photo, so everyone can see the eyeshadow. I hate taking self shots photos without my glasses.. cause it’s very hard for me to pull it off perfectly.


005Then, I added white eyeshadow to go with the then previously blue and white costume. Yes, I do like I was tired, but in reality.. I wasn’t.

006I had to add a bit more blue eyeshadow, cause the white eyeshadow was blending in with the blue eyeshadow.

007Finished look. It turned out great!

Oh yea.. speaking of outfits…

001My coworker gave me these earrings. They’re like a French design earrings!

002003Oh right, I didn’t forget! I went to Carson’s Clearance Center, and I found a whole bunch of outfits and dresses that I found.. Some of em were buy 1 get 1 free. Well, I would’ve gotten two dresses, but I figured..: “Why would I need another dress…?” I need to lighten up on the dresses.. unless I have a really special date to go to in downtown Chicago, that is…

005006I accidently used the auto flash on my phone, and this is what happened as a result. Sparkly…

007004Suit jacket: Alex Evenings

Oh, did I mention that this suit jacket cost $100, but I got it for free? Yea, sweaters and jackets were buy 1, get 1 free. This jacket was originally—and I’ll say it again—$100, but I found it for only $9. 9. Freakin. Bucks.

008012Another suit jacket that I found.

Suit jacket: Anne Klein

009011Oh, did I mention that this suit jacket costs bout $179.99? I’m not joking. This suit jacket costs a whopping almost one hundred. Eighty. Dollars. I got this jacket for only $15.. I’m not joking. I got it for only $15. So altogether, those two jackets cost at a whopping retail price of over $280. Yep, you heard me right: Over $280. The first suit jacket cost at a retail value of $100, and the other one cost bout almost $180. Do the math.

So.. overall, I had a great Halloween yesterday! I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe Halloween as well!


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