Scottish Look

Bonjour! While I was at JC Penny’s today with my Mum (My Joe Fresh winter coat had all of its buttons broke two days ago, and I was so pissed and upset that day…), trying to find a new coat (Thank goodness I found another one. It didn’t scream out to me like that other coat did, but it does remind me of what a woman would wear in the city, so I can try it out), when I realized something: I created a Scottish look!


I never thought that I would end up creating a Scottish look!


Shirt: Bioworld Merchandising

Scarf: Joe Fresh

Skirt: Arizona Jeans

Jeans: SO

Hat: Betsyville


If only it wasn’t cold outside, then I would’ve wore my skirt without the jeans.


Took this… Cause I suck at taking self shots without a mirror.., but if I want to advance through my photography, then I have to limit my self shots with a mirror.. Or inside the bathroom, of course.


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