Getting Festive for the Holidays

Happy holidays to you all, happy belated Thanksgiving, and Happy Black Friday! I had to work last night, but thankfully for me, I got out early.. which was good, cause I was slowly getting sleepy.. and work was getting tedious and boring. Well, enough of that, here’s what I came up for the Holidays:

002Originally, I was gonna use red and green to celebrate the Holidays, but since I didn’t have any red eye shadow, I went with white, which was the next best thing.

003Of course the lighting in my room wasn’t all that good, since it was dark outside when I took these photos.. which makes taking photos indoors somewhat frustrating and tedious.. depending on how much light you have in the room.. or house.

004Oh yea, if you see a bit of blue mixed in with the white eye shadow, I forgot to wash the brushes before I used em (They had dark eye shadow, so I forgot to wash em off before I use light eye shadow… my mistake on my part).

Finished results




Oh, as far as my outfit went..



Happy holidays!!


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