The Struggles of Straight Hair

Bonjour, it’s me again!

0108130837Ahh, straight hair. The one thing that I love bout my hair is that it’s straight. When I was a baby (and as a kid), I always had my hair in braids, like this:


And this:


Which in turn, made my hair long over the years. But in the last 5 years, my straight hair has become unmanageable. For example, my hair has become very wavy, like this:

016(Yes, this was my hair before I flat ironed it.. thoroughly fiat ironed it)

Personally, I love straight hair. It makes it long, but of course…it can get unmanageable. My hair, for example can get very wavy, even when I get a perm, I always put my hair back, use a bonnet, and wake up to this type of wavy hair. Keep in mind that if I don’t use a bonnet every time I go to sleep, my hair gets dry, I end up with frizzy, split ends.

014015017When my hair gets wavy, it usually gets a bit short. When it does get short (Even when my hair get nappy), it’ll look like I had it cut, which is not the case. My hair gets very short and unruly when it gets nappy. So enough bout that. How do I get my hair straight? Basically (And I know it’ll damage my hair, but until I have enough money to get say.., the Perfecter or the InStyler, (Which costs round $100), I use a flat iron to straighten my hair. It makes my hair smell like it’s burning, but it’s the only thing that I have to straighten my hair for the time being. I would use water and a blow dryer, but it just won’t work.

018I did a sample of my hair earlier, and this is the result. It normally takes me round 15-25 minutes to straighten my hair, but to thoroughly straighten it entirely would take bout between 1-2 hours, depending on how wavy my hair is. 

So, how did it turn out, how did I actually straighten my hair with a flat iron, and what types of hair products do I use to help with my hair before or after I flat iron it? Well check this out:

Step 1: 019I take one part of my hair, use my flat iron (It only takes bout 30 seconds to heat up), and straighten my hair. For best results, use a hair product such as what’s on this picture here 028 (I normally use Profectiv growth lotion or Motions leave-in conditioner. I sometimes use the Profectiv leave-in strengthener as well, but never the growth lotion and the leave-in straightener all at once) before you flat iron or blow dry your hair to prevent damage. I forgot to do that, but I used it after I got through flat iron it.

Step 2: 020021Work your way around your hair (Don’t forget the inner part of your hair and close to the scalp as well), flat ironing and combing (Or brushing, whichever you prefer. I usually brush my hair after I flat iron it, so I can straighten it a bit more) it, until you’re done. My hair has been so wavy, that even though I thoroughly flat iron the inner part of my hair (Even gotten as close as to my scalp), that the back of my hair has gotten a bit of a leftover wave. The only way that it will be fully straight is if I wash it or perm it. Thankfully for me, I’m getting the InStyler or the Perfecter within the next year or so, so no more flat iron. Also, I’m thinking bout trying the WEN hair care products as well, since I seen the infomercials for it. What I wanna know is does it really work? If anyone has try it before, can you tell me if it actually works? I’m really eager to try it.

So after bout 2 hours of thoroughly flat ironing my hair, this is the result:

022 023024025That’s it! That’s the struggle of wanting to have straight hair, especially if you have curly or wavy hair and want to go straight… that’s a huge struggle, and I am an example of it. Even though I normally have straight hair, having it go from straight to wavy can be an annoyance, but trying to straighten it can be a real pain in the neck. Bah… and this is why I rarely curl my hair, because of it. Well, I hope you all have fun with this post!

NOTE: Every hair is different, so flat irons may not be recommended if you have short, sensitive, or brittle hair.


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