Over 20+ Outfits for Valentine’s Day

Wow, today’s Feb 1st… well, let me get the greeting out of the way: Happy Chinese or Lunar New Year and Happy Black History Month. I’m glad that January is over with.., but that’s for my personal blog to talk bout that.. if I even do wanna talk bout it. Anyway, I was looking through my closet to see what outfit should I wear for Valentine’s Day (I work on Valentine’s Day and the day after, but I get off early on the day after, so at least all is not lost), and something sparked my mind: Make a list of the outfits that I wanna wear for Valentine’s Day, and choose from my top 3 or 5 favorites (Or what my friends and my viewers think). So basically, what I done was gather up the outfits that I decided that would be good for Valentine’s Day and put em into groups and subsets.

pizap.com13912808625541Group 1 is basically a Calvin Klein dress with the following suit jackets: Alex Evenings, Anne Klein, Dana Buchman, and Lauren Conrad.

pizap.com13912825912031Group 2 consists of Candies dress with a Lauren Conrad and Alex Evenings suit jackets. Note: Subset 3 is still the same as subset 2, except the suit dress has been undone to show what it would look like if it wasn’t buttoned up. That’s why it’s in an ‘*’. Also, because the Candies dress has halfway sleeves, those jackets that I have put over would be the only ones that would work. The Dana Buchman jacket would’ve worked as well.., but I didn’t get a picture in. Also, I didn’t want too much colors to blend in all at once, even though it will be a great idea. I’ll post it in a later post, either way it goes.

pizap.com13912834086251Group 3 contains a Bisou Bisou shirt with the following jackets: Dana Buchman, Anna Klein, Lennie for Nina Leonardo, Lauren Conrad, and Alex Evenings.

pizap.com13912839505511Group 4 consists of a Olsenboye dress with these jackets: MNG by Mango, Lauren Conrad, and Lennie for Nina Leonardo. Here’s a twist to this group: For subset 1, I can add a hat with the outfit, as you can see in the photo. So it’s like a French outfit, like I have worn for so long now.

pizap.com13912842093091The last group, group 5, consists of the outfits that only has a select (Or one) outfit that I can create. Subset 1 contains a SO sweater with one of 3 skirts that I can think of: Worthington. The only reason why I chose this skirt is cause the pink matches. Also, it has white and black in it, so it matches nicely. Subset 2 and 3 consists of the velvet shirt, MSK, and the only 2 suit jackets that can actually go with the shirt: Alex Evenings and Anne Klein. I would’ve included the Lauren Conrad polka dot jacket, but I just realized that it too can go with the shirt. Like the Candies dress, the MSK shirt also has a 3/4 sleeve, so I’m actually limited to the jackets that I can wear.

Since Valentine’s Day is 2 weeks away, I have many time to think about what outfit that I can wear. 5 days before the Valentine’s Day, I’ll post the top 5 outfits that I narrowed it down to for that special Valentine’s Day date with my love. For now, I can just rest. Besides, for me…, coming up with outfits for a special day is easy and hard; easy only because, I have a very creative mind when it comes to creating fashion outfits and trends. The only reason that it’s hard for me (and I’m sure for many others as well), is because once I figure out what outfits that I have to choose from, it’s hard to choose the right outfit for that special day, night, evening, date, whatever! It’s a VERY HUGE STRUGGLE, but thankfully for me, I have always come up with the right outfit to impress my love, family, friends, whoever, get heads turning, and basically get THEE question and compliment that I always get (Mostly at the last minute, but hey… sometimes procrastination is an absolute good thing):

“Where did you get that shirt/skirt/jeans/pants/jacket/outfit, ect.?” and “I like/love your outfit!”

To be honest, I have never realized that I can come up with so many outfits, especially outfits for that special date/holiday/whatever. If you want my advice on how to create the right outfit for that special day, or any day of the week: Create whatever outfit that makes you.. well, you. If you find the perfect colors of your eye shadow or whatever makeup that you have in your room/bathroom, whatever, use that as part of your outfit that you’re wearing for that day. Most importantly: Don’t be frustrated if you can’t find or think of the right outfit for that special day or night. Take some time to look in your closet and let your mind and creativity widen. Do a bit of shopping or whatever. Who knows.. the right outfit can come in your mind at the right time.


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