DIY Shimmer Outfits

Ah, bonjour everyone! Last night was so awesome! My boyfriend and I went to TGI Friday’s for our Valentine’s Day/3 year anniversary date, and believe me.., I was all glammed up for this special day.. even though I had to work last night, at least I got off early.

035036This is my outfit that I wore for our special date last night.

Suit jacket: Alex Evenings
Dress: Calvin Klein
Tights/leggings: Hanes
Shoes: Cosmopolitan
*Hat not included, but it does add to the outfit though*

Yesterday before I went to work, I decided to do a little DIY.. making my outfit (Minus the tights/leggings and socks) sparkle. Believe me, it’s really easy to do, and it can make your clothes sparkle in the light.., but I recommend that the outfit that you’re gonna wear to be dark colors, or black. It doesn’t really shimmer on light colors as it does on dark colors or black.

DIY Shimmer Outfit

Basically, all you need is a shimmer mist perfume and the outfit that you’re gonna wear for that special night.

015For this DIY, I used this. Not only will it put a shimmering effect on your outfit, but it’ll also make your clothes (and yourself) smell good as well.

Basically all you have to do is just spray the shimmer mist on your clothes. That’s it. Don’t be afraid to use it more than once.

013014As you can see from my suit jacket, I have already sprayed some of the strawberry shimmer mist on there, giving it a nice sparkle.

016I also did it on my shoes as well. If you ask me, I say velvet is the best fabric to put shimmering mist on. It gives it that classy/luxurious look to your clothes (I guess velvet does have that luxurious look. I’m not exactly sure what type of fabric shows off that luxurious look on clothes (Or what type of clothes fabric is luxurious), but velvet does show it), and to your outfit as well. Anyway, I turned my flats to go from blah and just basic black velvet, to this:

017Classy, rich velvet look, perfect for that night-on-the-town, or for that special date that will have heads turning as you show off that shimmering look.

018019020I had to spray my shoes and suit jacket a whole bunch of times in order to get that shimmery look down pact.

021022I put it on the edges of the top and the bottom of the heels as well to give it a nice, even coating, and so I wouldn’t leave those out as well.

023There is one downside to this though: Depending on where you spray your outfit (Or suit jacket, shirt, ect.), it can get a bit messy, that’s why I had a bit of shimmer on my thigh when I was spraying my shoes down, as you can see.

Here’s the finishing touch:

024I was ready for that special date with the babe, and by adding a bit of shimmer in my outfit, it got a bit of compliments.


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