Food and Desserts Leggings

Yes you heard me right: There are leggings that have food and desserts on em! Like this for example:

012By the way, the following leggings can be found at JC Penny’s.

I found these gummy worm leggings yesterday! I thought they were awesome.. and I wanted to get a few of em too…

013Also, check out these donut leggings! Is it making your mouth watering?

014Here’s one of my favorites: Ice cream leggings! I wanted em so bad.. along with the donut and gummy worm leggings.

016Oh look, cheeseburger leggings! I dare anyone to wear this out in public! I wanna see it on someone!

015Here’s another one: Snack leggings, consistent of pizza, cupcakes, french fries, chips, and… tacos?

017Last, but not least: Sorta Mike and Ike leggings. Once these go on sale (Or as soon as I get a coupon, then I’ll get one of these leggings, along with this: 010This skirt that I saw at JC Penny’s yesterday as well. I’m telling ya, the 80’s and 90’s are coming back in style! Now people (Who wasn’t growing up or born in the 80’s or 90’s) can wear these 80’s and 90’s fashion trends.


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