Sun Dress Sunday

Bonjor everyone… sorry for not being on this blog as of lately.. I’ve been going through a lot.. and also I haven’t been getting any photos of any new shirts or outfits. Well yesterday, I went out to lunch with my Mum, grandma, and aunt, and since it was so hot outside (And only cause I didn’t wanna wear a shirt and a skirt this time), I decided to wear a dress.. a sun dress, that is. 010My family members (Including my grandma) could not stop talking bout how cute I look and the dress too! Since I washed my hair Saturday, it was actually perfect.

011I posted this photo onto Facebook yesterday, and the comments I got from it.. let’s just say it made me blush AND smile hard.. for bout several minutes.

005*Sun dress and and sandals: Arizona Jeans*

By the way, I still look cute and innocent, don’t I?

001Oh yea, these are my new glasses! They’re by a.n.a., and they look awesome! Well, until next time.. I’m actually gonna do a blog post bout band t-shirts.. the ones that I currently own.


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