Weeks of Summer Fashion and Ideas

Bonjour… I’ve been trying to update this blog, but due to extreme situations out of my control, extreme stress and constant worry, I haven’t been getting any pictures of my outfits. So sorry bout that.

So I have been creating some good ideas for the summer, and I have thought of a few of em. Here’s one outfit that I came up with for work last Saturday (Posted this on Facebook, and it ended up with over 20 likes. 20!! That surpassed my second highest fashion picture, which came up with bout 18 likes: 10351331_694669180580899_8434130036870085461_n <- This picture, of course):


Jacket: Lennie for Nina Leonardo

Shirt: Bisou Bisou

Skirt: Simply Vera Vera Wang

Socks (Not that important, but I might add it on here, anyway): Goldtoe

Shoes: Cosmopolitan

So, how did I come up with this awesome work outfit? Well… I decided to change things up. Originally, I was gonna go with the black and cream outfit, but then I realize: “Okay, this black and cream is getting old. I might as well just wear orange to the mix”. Well, I really didn’t say that, but orange did come to mind. I did get tons of compliments of my outfit from coworkers, and tons of likes and comments on Facebook. Chalk one up for me!

10372511_696222367092247_8039261001529930595_nNow, I wanted to wear this shirt a week ago, but it was too big on me (Due to extreme stress and constant depression that I’ve been dealing with from family and work for like, months (And it’s not even over), I lost weight, and as a result, some of my favorite clothes do not fit me anymore.. 😦 sucks badly). So as a work around, I decided to tie the straps so it’ll fit me. A creative idea, made by me! 😀 Well, I hope you all enjoy this post.. next time, I’m gonna try some more fashion ideas that I created.. from different stores everywhere.


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