Professional Doll

Sorry I haven’t been posting any fashion tips or anything like that for a while. I’ve been going through a whole lot as of lately. My boyfriend and I broke up, and I’ve been starting to work more days and hours at my job, which has been a total drag on me. As always, if you wanted to follow what I’ve been through, check out my personal blog: The Girl With the Glasses (The link should be in the About Me page on this blog).

Anyway, yesterday I decided to go to work looking like this:


Shirt: Bisou Bisou

Skirt: MNG by Mango

My coworkers told me how adorable I looked.. my supervisor told me that I look so professional, and one of my coworkers told me that I look like a doll. So I look like a professional doll, eh? Works for me!

Well that’s all for now.. I haven’t gotten any new outfits, cause I’ve been trying to save money for a school book and other school stuff for next month, but I will try to make an update on some recent outfits that I done next week. I haven’t been feeling myself as of lately (Due to depression relapse, relationship breakup, and living the single life), but I’m trying to pull myself together. Wish me luck on everything, cause I’m gonna need it.


4 thoughts on “Professional Doll

  1. Sorry hear about your break up. Just keep your head up and think of positive next few week. I think you put yourself first and just be true yourself. Good luck think you would be good being single.

    • Thanks. These last few weeks have been very tough, and I relapsed on one of my mistakes recently. I’m trying my hardest to learn from my mistakes, but it’s hard.. and my depression came back as of recently once again. I think with time and positive thoughts, I should be back on my feet, and with a new boyfriend as well. Thanks for the advice. 🙂

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