Illinois Tax-Free Shopping Days

Well, it’s that time again: Illinois Tax-Free Shopping Days (I believe Kohl’s is the only store in Illinois that does this event.. not sure bout the others. Anyway, it starts from August 1st-3rd, so if you’re in Illinois, check it out)! As always, I have to work on those days (2 out of 3 days, to be exact), so yea it’s a real pain in the neck. However, I did get a chance to shop today for that tax-free shopping day. Here’s what I brought (I also brought underwear, but I’m not gonna post it on here, for good reasons only):





Pajama: Apt. 9

Suit jacket: 212 Collection

Sweaters: Daisy Fuentes, Elle

I also brought an outfit at Walmart today too (Wal-Mart doesn’t honor the tax-free shopping days, sadly), but I forgot to take a photo of em… I’ll get a pic the next time I wear em (Once they are washed, however). I’m getting sleepy, plus I have to get up to go to work tomorrow morning, so join me next time as I pour my heart out through back to school clothes! Bonsoir!


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