Juicy Couture Line

Bonjour.. it’s been a while. There’s nothing like studying and working your butt off, just to get you far. Anyway, this month, my job has come out with a new clothing line.. and yes, it has been selling, but not by a lot (Starting at $38, but hey.. what can you say about new clothing line when it hits stores for the first time… or first few weeks?).

008Yep, it’s Juicy Couture! I gotta admit, they do have some cute Juicy Couture clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Here, take a look (Keep in mind that I took these pictures at the start of this month):









023I actually like this shirt.

024These pants are sparkly, believe it or not.

They also have Juicy Couture clothes for girls as well. Look:


019I still frown upon the word ‘selfie’.., but the outfit is cute, nonetheless.


They have scarfs that are oh, so adorable!


026I want that black scarf with the stars on it.

Check out the shoes:

027The heels are way too high for me to wear, but they feel so soft. If the heels were shorter, I would buy em.

028Not too sure if the black shoe (3rd one with the fur and zipper on top) has a hidden wedge inside (I didn’t check inside of it) or not. It’s cute though, nonetheless. By the way, the beige shoe isn’t suppose to bend down at the top like that.

029The purple sneaker is actually one of my favorites out of all the Juicy Couture shoes here. Again, these pics were taken at the start of this month, so the prices may have change now. See your local Kohl’s store for details.

They also have a bedding set as well.

030Now, I’m REALLY picky when it comes to the type of fabric of clothes, bedding, pillows, ect. (Except the towels, bed pillows, rugs, scarfs, and belts). For example, if I see a decorative pillow that I like, and that I want for the living room, and if it’s not polyester, velvet, suede or anything like that, I will become uncomfortable get a bad itch for some minutes, until I find something that I can feel on for a few seconds that will relieve me of that itch.. and make me feel comfortable again. Enough of that.. I found some cute pillows that I want and that feels good too (Like that pink pillow).

031Sorry for the blur, but this comforter feels soo good! I want it, but the only problem is that you have to dry clean it.. which kinda sucks.



Well, that’s part 1 of this new line. Yes, I’m preparing for a part 2, and it will cover the other parts that I couldn’t get a chance of showing you guys, such as the jewelry and purse line. That will be shown… sometime tomorrow.


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