Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Bonjour.. happy Daylight Savings Time, and welcome to the month of November! As of now, it is exactly 26 more days til Thanksgiving, 27 more days til Black Friday, 17 more days til my birthday (I turn 25 on the 18th), and whatever more days we have left til Christmas! Which brings me to this topic: Ugly Christmas sweaters!!

Last Thursday, when my Mum and I went to JCPenny’s, I found some ugly Christmas sweaters (Yes, they make those now. I’m not kidding). Look:

080I didn’t even look at the brand name to these sweaters, cause I was in a rush.

081These are for misses, but they do have ugly Christmas sweaters for juniors at my job. I’ll get a pic of some of em tomorrow when I go to work.

082Aren’t these just ugly and cute at the same time?



Enough about the sweaters. Here’s a photo of my new boot that my Mum brought me:



022Here’s my outfit for work yesterday.. minus the hat, cause I can’t wear hats to work.

*Dress: Lennie for Nina Leonardo

Leggings: Apt. 9

Boots: Olsenboye*

My dress was such a hit, one customer stopped by my line just to compliment me on my dress! I gotta say, I was kinda speechless on the inside.. that has never happened to me before.

Well, I’m going to cook dinner. Next Friday, I’ll post a photo of me in this shirt and sweater that I brought yesterday. I might post it soon.


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