Ugly Chirstmas Leggings…?

Yes, you are seeing the title right. There are ugly Christmas leggings. See for yourself (These leggings I found at JCPenny’s for those who want to check out):

003I was thinking of building an ugly Christmas outfit just in time for the holidays. I’ll do that this week.



This next set of leggings (and Christmas sweaters) I found at Kohl’s. They also have men’s ugly Christmas sweaters as well. I’ll post em on the next post this week.






011They also have Snoopy and Woodstock ugly Christmas sweaters.


I’ll get the rest of the ugly Christmas sweater photos this week. Also, next week is my birthday! What I’m gonna do for that day, I’m not sure…cause it falls on a Tuesday, so I really can’t do much of celebrating with my bffs until Saturday. What type of outfits am I gonna buy for my birthday… I’ll post that in two weeks, before Thanksgiving.


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