Carson’s Clearance Center Wish List

Oh what fun it is to go to the Carson’s Clearance Center and find some stuff for my wish list. They didn’t have any shirts that I wanted to get, but I did find some dresses that I wanted. I might get em within a few weeks. Here are the dresses that I seriously want (All except one):

001Ignore my jacket, coat, and other stuff that’s on the floor. This dress was so adorable! I’m gonna get this dress in a few weeks. I’m almost certain of it.

Dress: Nine West

002This dress was too adorable! It’s a size 12 (I now fit in a size 12 dress instead of 14. That’s amazing to me) and it fit me really nicely! This dress I’m gonna get within a week or two.

Dress: Anne Klein

004This dress I was really unsure of, since I rarely dresses like this. It’s cute, and with the leggings and tall boots, it will keep my legs warm, but still… Not really gonna get it. If it was shorter, like at my knees or a bit below it, then I would get it.

Dress: Lennie For Nina Leonardo

005Now this is my most favorite dress of all, since it is velvet, as you can see. It’s a size 12, and the underdress that went with it was a bit confusing at first, but when I tried it on, it fit me perfectly. This is the dress that I’m gonna get in a few weeks as well.

Dress: Vince Camuto

Out of all of the dresses that I tried on and as shown on the pictures, I must say the velvet dress is my most favorite thus far. All of the other dress I love and will get in a few weeks (Except for the Lennie one, cause I’m not really into maxi dresses or dresses that go up to my ankles).. or at least, try to. I know one thing: I don’t have a red dress, so I will get one before the month is out.


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