New Spring…mer Clothes

Bonjour…. I have two major posts to post, but I’m gonna post the other one later on next week. I’ll give you a hint: It’s in my room.

Well, yesterday I went shopping with my Mum (it wasn’t too bad, however I did see my cousin on my father’s side, for the first time in years… since I was 10, actually), and we were mainly shopping for cold medicine (What had happened was that last month, I was really sick due to Mother Nature, and after those 4 weeks were gone, I felt really anemic. A few weeks later, my Mum got sick with a bad case of a cold, and afterwards, I caught her cold. Yea… why did I have to get sick twice a few weeks in between is beyond me). While we were shopping, we decided to find some clothes to buy for the spring/summer. Here’s what I brought:



Shoes: Kali Footwear (My Mum brought those at the beauty supply store. Never had those bright red shoes before, so that was a treat).

These next pictures are from No Boundaries:





This shirt that I brought is from Hanes:


A short update on my condition though: I’m doing very well. My anemia has settled, and I’m no longer on Mother Nature’s “curse”. Now a few weeks later, I’m suffering from a real bad case of the cold. It’s subsiding, but not with some real bad side effects, such as headaches, nausea (From an apparent streptococcus, but it’s just due to taking too many medications at once.. not fun at all), real bad sore throat, bad sinus pressure, backaches (Upper and mid, not lower. I’m not preggers, ya know), and fever. It’s one of the worst colds I ever had. Now, I’m slowly, but surely recovering. I should be better by next week.

Now that I finally got some pics of some new outfits, I can rest up., Bonne nuit…
Anyway, now that


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