Floral Bed Makeover

003Finally the wait is over! Here’s the pictures of my bed makeover! New sheets, new bed cover, new pillow sheets and such.

004 Bed cover: Apt. 9

Bed sheets and pillow sheets: Home Classics

005I love my new bed makeover! One thing I don’t like about it (and I do like at times when I come home from work, especially now since the weather is bipolar (From hot to cold in a freakin day!) and the weather feels more than Winter than Spring now) is the bed sheets can make you extra warm, sometimes hot. I don’t mind it though.

I brought a new bed set just for Spring season, and also my Mum wanted my bed cover (Since she doesn’t like her old one, due to the dull colors), so I decided to give her my old one. She likes it, a lot. I got it from Kohl’s, by the way, just in case you guys are interested in buying the bed cover, or bed sheets. Oh yea, my rating for the whole thing.. I give it a 5/5. It’ll def keep you warm during the cold days, trust me!


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