Ceramic Flat Iron > Metal Flat Iorn

Bonjour, and happy Good Friday! Man, I can’t believe in two days, it will be Easter Sunday! Man, where has the time gone… and this month’s April.. again, where has the time gone??

Anyway, sorry for the lack of post, again.. I’ve been having writer’s block as of the last month, and I’ve been sick once again, so yea.. it’s been one heck of a sick journey. I’m actually feeling much better than I was before, so that’s a huge relief. So… a week or two ago, I was actually shopping at Wal-Mart with my Mum (They actually moved the Wal-Mart by where Pier 1 Imports was originally at, before they shut it down by the end of February to the other location where Sam’s Club used to be when I was a kid (It’s still in Lansing, by the way.. just in a new location)), and I was actually considering getting a new flat iron, cause the old flat iron that I used to have (Yes, it’s a ConAir as well)

038 039 Is breaking my hair off, and it takes FOREVER to get it straighten (Only to have it go back to it’s original, wavy form at the end of the day)! Also, sometimes it leaves a burning scent on my hair (Whether I go from curly to straight with this flat iron), which can get very annoying at times. This was actually my first flat iron, and after several years of using it, it was finally time to say goodbye and good riddance to this mini flat iron!

What made me get a new flat iron was when I was at Orland Square Mall with Lawrence last month, and we came across this hair shop (That sells flat irons for very expensive prices! Who would pay over $450 for a regular AND a mini ceramic flat iron, let alone a single one by itself?!). One of the girls who did a sample of my hair with this ceramic flat iron told me that ceramic flat irons actually are better for my hair than metal flat irons (Which I used to have, and of course, which I told her). What I liked about it was the fact that with one pass, my frizzy hair was straight, and it was very soft too! That made me realize that it was time to buy a ceramic flat iron, and get rid of my old one for good.

Fast forward to March (Second to last week of March). Like I said before, I was at Wal-Mart with my Mum, and I was checking out the flat irons (Seeing which one was best for me). Of course, they had ceramic and titanium flat irons (Does anyone know if titanium flat irons are good, or better than ceramic flat irons? If so, I’d like to hear it!), but they didn’t come cheap at all. After considering and thinking of which one would be the best for me, I decided to get this:

024The reason why I chose this was A. I need a bigger flat iron that was more than 1 in., and of course I needed a ceramic.. and B. check out what it says on the box! It also has a 15 second heat-up too.. which was good, cause my old one only had 30 second heat-up. Like I said before, it didn’t come as cheap.. I got it for about $32.., but hey, ceramic flat irons are good for the hair and whatnot (From what I heard and read), so of course it will come at an kinda expensive price, starting from $20-30.

036037Also it came with a protective heat shield as well, which was a plus for me.

Here’s what it actually looks like:


029030031032033It does have five precision heat settings, all ranging from 365-455. I recommend just starting out with just turning the flat iron on and leaving it on power if you have fine-relax…treated… hair, like I do. If you have coarse-thick hair (Like I do before I get a perm), the booklet suggest going with the highest settings. Me, I just turn it on and just leave it on power, cause it gets hot once you turn it on (After 15 seconds, of course).

034035Two ways of setting up the heat shield.

Here are the before and after photos of my hair after using the flat iron:

pizap.com14280746843161Before, when my hair was wavy and a bit frizzy, and after, when my hair is now straight, soft, long, and non-frizzy.

pizap.com14280748028301I tried to straighten the back of my hair as best as I can, so on the after photo, that’s the best that I got.. without burning my scalp.

pizap.com14280751149551Final picture. See how my hair got shinier after using the new flat iron? Yea, that’s what I love best. Also, it got longer after I straighten it (As you can see from the before and after pictures).

The result of that is this: 008Yea, it was windy when I was out on that same day, so my hair just blew everywhere… X(

If I were to rate my old flat iron, I would have to give it… 3.5/10. The good thing about it was that I can curl, flip, and straighten my hair with it.., but whenever I try to straighten my hair after I either flip or curl it, it would take DAYS to get it back to straight, which was VERY annoying. Now, if I were to rate my new flat iron, I’m gonna give it an 11/10.., simply cause it’s just plain awesome! Now, I haven’t flip my hair with it just yet, and then try to straighten it afterwards, but when I do, I’ll show you guys how it went. The one kinda bad thing about it is that unlike my old flat iron, you can only straighten or flip it.., but it’s fine with me, cause I really don’t like having my hair curled.. unless it’s a 70’s beach body curl, lol. X)


I have lots more stuff to post on here, so I’ll probably post em either tomorrow or Monday.


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