My First Hair Product Recommendations

Bonsoir, and happy belated Easter to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday (For those who celebrate it)! Anyway, here is my very first hair product recommendation! Enjoy!!

Okay, so last Friday when I got off of work, I had to go to the store to get my Mum some stuff for Easter. So while I was there, I was thinking about washing my hair for Easter Sunday. I looked at the different products (Some helped my hair, some didn’t..), and I decided to get something different:

003004Aussie! Now, my hair does get dry every now and then, so I need something that would help with it. I decided to try the Aussie Moist shampoo and conditioner just out of curiosity (and it said cleanse, so that got me interested as well). Guess what? It gets my hair squeaky clean! When I was washing my hair with the Aussie shampoo, I could just hear the squeaks coming out of my hair every time I rinse my hair! It also smells good too! I also conditioned my hair too… it came out so soft!

Now, I learned the hard way what happens when I don’t use a leave-in conditioner in my hair after I wash it: It gets hard to detangle.. VERY HARD. I couldn’t find any leave-in conditioners in the stores, but I did find the next best thing (…and possibly the only one that I’ll ever use, unless I find an all-natural leave-in conditioner): 002Who would’ve thought that this would actually work?

This works a lot better than the other leave-in conditioner that I used (The Provactiv leave-in conditioner works too, but using too much of it would leave your hair smelling like it, and leave it a bit too greasy too. Believe me, I know.. I done it before. The Motions leave-in conditioner works too, but it just drips all over once you put it on your hair, even after you relax (permed) your hair if you use too much of it). After applying it (Not too much though, just enough to put it all over your hair (Both in and out) and ends) on my hair, I just blew dried it, and it turned out great! I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of it after I finished styling it and whatnot, but I did take pictures of it yesterday.

005006007This was before I used the smoothing milk and the flat iron.

008009010011This was after I flat ironed and used the smoothing milk. In the third picture, I forgot to brush my hair after I straighten it. My fault…

012013014So this is the finished look. I decided to put my hair in a ponytail for once. By the way, it helped a lot, cause this morning, I didn’t have to flat iron my hair at all!

By the way, here was my outfit for Easter:

015016Shirt: Apt. 9

Capris: Angels Jeans

So… my recommendations for a complete shampoo and conditioner set (Regular and leave-in) are these (For dry and damaged, also frizzy hair.. it might not work for everyone, okay? You have been warned, but it is recommend that you try it once for yourself):




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