School Uniform/Professional Wear… Style


Bonjour.., eh, so I got called into work at the last minute this morning, and I didn’t know what to wear, but I thought of this outfit (..and believe me, it got a lot of complements). Now, it does look like a Japanese high school uniform, right? Almost… except I didn’t have knee-high socks on.. and the wrap that I have on my neck isn’t allowed in Japanese schools, right? Then again, it can be another form of a professional suit. I actually like it, cause it reminds me of a Japanese high school outfit.., except it’s black, not blue.


Suit jacket: 212

Shirt: A.N.A

Skirt: Jennifer Lopez

Socks: TrimFit

Shoes: Cosmopolitan

Wrap.. straight from Walmart.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you guys what awkward fashion (If you can call it) that I created at the last minute. A customer actually asked me if the outfit that I wore was today’s style, and honestly, I couldn’t say anything, but “yes, it is”… I was so excited on the inside about people telling me how much they like/love my outfit, that I was speechless.. really!

Well.. lemme get some rest.. I gotta help my friend with Math and work tomorrow. Bonne nuit… ☆


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