Associate Shopping Days = Unlimited Shopping


So, at my job (I work in retail, by the way), we have this event called Associate Shopping Days, in which we get a huge discount, and depending on the sale that goes on during those days, you know what that means? Shopping, and LOTS of it (Basically, it’s kinda like unlimited shopping days at affordable prices for the the associates only, if you want to call it that)!! Basically, I shopped all those days, so now I need to stop shopping for a while, just to get the credit card limit up, and to be one step closer to being out of credit card debt. Now.. what did I buy during those shopping days? I’ll show you!

008This beautiful red dress that I found on clearance for $18.99 (It was originally… say, $70-90, I believe?)! Yes, really!

Dress: Chaps

009This is actually a shirt and a skirt that my Mum wanted to give me (That I actually brought). I plan on wearing it soon.. say, hopefully this week?

Shirt and skirt: Candies

010I love this shirt, and I love what it says: Eat. Sleep. Dance. Repeat. Basically, it’s my new motto for whenever I dance (..and believe me, I LOVE TO DANCE!!), so this shirt actually reflects one of my favorite hobbies.

Shirt: SO

011013012I actually like these earrings a lot, mainly cause they have feathers on em. Also, I love feather earrings, so.. *chuckles* once again, it reflects my style.

Earrings: Mudd

014My Mum actually brought this for me, to go with my outfit that I brought a few days ago (See Candies shirt and skirt above). Yes they are changeable, and I have never had changeable necklaces before, so this is actually new. I like em though.

Necklace: Napier

002A dress of the Eifel Tower?? Oui, oui!! Gimme!!

Dress: Elle

004005006Now, I told myself that I wasn’t gonna buy anymore shoes, cause I have too much shoes already (..and bras as well…), but I couldn’t resist these shoes! Now, I don’t talk about shoe sizes that much, but I want to point something out to you all: When it comes to shoes, I usually wear a size 9, but because my left foot is bigger than my right foot (Slightly), it’s kinda hard to find shoes that would fit my feet without it being too tight or too loose on em (Meaning, I wear a size 8.5 (8 1/2) on my right foot, and sometimes a size 9 on my left foot). With these shoes, I had to go from a size 9 to a size 8.5, cause the size 9 shoes are a perfect fit on my left foot, but it was way too loose on my right foot. So, long story short, the 8.5 are a perfect fit (Although they’re a bit tight on my left foot, but whatever… they fit good, so that works for me).

Shoes: Sketchers

008009010It’s the same with these shoes.. tried the 9 (When I say ____ 9, or whatever number, I’m referring to the shoe size, just to let you guys know, okay?), and this time.. they were a bit too loose (It was actually looser on my left foot, and I usually need a size 9 on that foot). So I had to get the 8.5. They’re really cute though.. just wish they had the rainbow shoes in my size (The highest size that they had was a size 8.. 😦 oh well).

Shoes: Croft and Barrow

Whoa, look at the time, it’s 12:43 a.m. in my area (Central time)! I better get some sleep…I got a VERY LONG week ahead of me (Work, interview, job event, ect.), so I’m gonna need all of the sleep that I can get. Goodnight everyone.


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