More Shorts, Less Shirts

Bonsoir!! I thought I was gonna get out of work at 7:30 tonight, but since my coworker came to work (despite the fact that she wasn’t feeling well), my manager asked me if I wanted to stay til the time that I was scheduled to or leave early, and of course I left early. So yeah, I left early, got some dinner, and bam, I’m home, blogging to you guys while I’m eating dinner.

Anyway, yesterday my Mum and I went to JC Penny’s, and I was told to get an outfit…, but instead I ended up with four pairs of shorts and two shirts… like I need anymore shirts!! What I needed was shorts, and LOTS of it! See, a few years ago, when I was looking for shorts, I could only wear a size 14-17 (14-16 in misses, 15-17 in juniors). It was a struggle to find shorts and capris (Not to mention pants) in those sizes for a bargain, cause those sizes are popular. Now, since I wear a size 12-13 (I still wear a size 15, but only in blue jean shorts), the only shorts that I have are in a size 15, and they are starting to get loose on me. So in short, in a few years, I dropped three dress sizes (I went from a size 17 to a size 13 in juniors (however.. I still wear a size 15 from time to time), size 16 to a size 12 in misses), and I needed new pants (Both blue jean and dress) capris, and shorts (I now wear a size medium-large in skirts instead of extra large). So… here’s what I brought (and got as well):

030*Shorts: Arizona Jeans*

031These are beige, by the way.


033 Ya know what, these jeans that I got yesterday are all from Arizona Jeans! The difference is this: 3 of the jeans are a size 15, and the other one is a size 13. The beige shorts are a size 13. The rest of em are a size 15. At least the good news is that I finally got some shorts for the summer.., but if I find out that I’m shrinking in dress sizes within the next month or two, I’m gonna go nuts. I mean, it’s kinda crazy enough that my feet are getting smaller (Yep, I went from a size 9-9.5 (9 1/2) to (NOW) a size 8 (Mainly 8.5 (8 1/2), and it seems like I’m getting shorter (I feel like I’m 5’3 now instead of 5’4, cause my friends who are 5’5 are taller than me now!), but now that I’m dropping in dress sizes… (Oh, did I mention that I now wear a size medium/10-12 in dresses now?), it’s getting a bit problematic for me, money-wise.

Oh yea, speaking of shirts, I don’t need anymore of em.. my closet is getting FULL of shirts and dress pants (I have over 5 pairs of dress pants, most of em are sizes 12-13, and one of two of em are a size 14P (Petite. Yeah, I couldn’t wear petite sizes before, but now I can. In addition, I went from a size 16P to now a size 12P-14P). However, since I was told to find me an outfit, that included getting a shirt.., but ya know what? I actually got two:


029*Both shirts are by MNG by Mango*

Oh yea, I also don’t need anymore shoes as well, but however, since my Mum and I went to Shoe Carnival (She was trying to find some flats for her dresses), I decided to buy a few things as well:

034*Shoes: Mootsies Tootsies* Yes, they are navy blue.

I brought some navy blue shoes, cause I don’t have any navy blue shoes to wear whenever I go on job interviews.. and since I have a blue suit, the only shoes that I have are black, which is kinda bad, since blue and black don’t kinda mix due to “gang colors”. Now I can switch between black and blue shoes for when I go on job interviews (Oh speaking of which, I have been getting job interviews left and right as of recently) and other important events.

035I decided to buy some no-show socks as well.., just in case I go on a job interview on a hot day, then I can use these to keep my feet cool.. also it’ll look more professional too during the summer.

041042*Shoes: Sonoma*

I didn’t buy these yesterday, but I just wanted to show you guys about these shoes: They’re a size 8.5. How in the world are my feet shrinking is beyond me, but hey.. I like it. Maybe the shoes that I get are getting bigger.., I don’t know. Who knows…

Anyway, I’m gonna rest for the night. I gotta edit some pictures that I took at Anime Central and post em on my photography blog. It’ll be on here in the next few days. Stay tuned!


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