October and November Fashion Updates

Bonjour! Sorry it took so long to get an update on here.. been busy moving into a new place with my Mum, also dealing with school, work, and unexpected family emergencies. I’m back for now, cause Thanksgiving is in two days, and I gotta work 5 days this week, along with that and Black Friday. I did get a chance to buy some new stuff (and end up getting a few new stuff for my birthday, which was last Wednesday, by the way), so with that said, here we go!

*The following clothes and shoes I got last month*


Who would’ve thought that these shape-ups will be back in style (After ended up getting removed in stores due to false advertisement, or something to that matter)?! It’s awesome! The problem with that is it’s a tad bit expensive ($80 for these, holy crap!), but I’m glad that I stumbled upon em (I got em at Famous Footwear).


Shoes: Sketchers

20151004_141227This was the shirt that I was gonna wear for my birthday party last Saturday, but sadly due to unexpected family emergencies, it got canceled. I ended up spending the weekend with my boyfriend, which was the best birthday weekend ever, I gotta admit.

Shirt: No Boundaries

20151004_141303Oh happy days! I found a pair of ripped flare jeans! I’ve been trying to get a pair of em for the longest, but all I could ever find was skinny ripped jeans!

Jeans: Rampage by MNG by Mango

20151004_141343I thought it was a cute shirt, so I decided to buy it.

Shirt: MNG By Mango

20151004_141417This was the jacket that I was gonna wear (Along with the red plaid shirt) for my birthday outfit. Oh well.. I still wear it though.

Jacket: No Boundaries

20151018_142456An $120 jacket for only $72.99… it’s finally mine! You can actually wear it with our without the belt, by the way. I love it, cause of the fabric. It’s soft…!

Jacket: Lauren Conrad

20151018_142540Everyone loves my purse! I love it too, cause it’s velvet, and any shirt, skirt, dress, pants (Only if it’s trouser), or purse that is velvet or suede, I have to get.. cause it’s like, luxurious.

Purse: Juicy Couture

20151018_142607This scarf is indeed warm. It’s like a blanket scarf.

Scarf: Merona

20151018_142626Add another hat on my list, cause.. why not. I love hats.

Hat: Merona

20151021_111826I got this on clearance for $4! I am not kidding at all!

Shirt: Stylus

20151021_111859These are bootcut jeans, but I like em.. mainly cause they’re ripped bootcut jeans.

Jeans: Soundgirl

20151021_111947Found another pair of flare jeans. JCPenny’s are starting to sell a lot of flare jeans as of lately.. and I love it! The more I get em, the better!

Jeans: Sapphire Ink

20151021_112045I found another brand that I’m starting to like, and it’s called Stylus. They make pretty good clothes, and since I’m starting to get into a size 10-12 (11-13 in juniors, I need to buy some new jeans (and dress pants as well), so I found these.

Jeans: Stylus

20151021_112202Tada, another set of black flare jeans! I needed another pair anyway.

Jeans: Rampage by MNG by Mango

20151027_115351I always wanted a leather jacket, and of course, I found one.

Jacket: J2

Well.. that’s it for the October fashion updates. I only have a few stuff that I brought (and actually got for my birthday this month), so enjoy!

20151107_000927My boyfriend’s Mum brought me these for my birthday. They’re soft and warm!

IMG_20151109_083104Oh, and I decided to take a quick snapshot of my dress that I brought last month. This was before I got my hair done for my birthday, by the way.

Dress: Elle

20151119_152235This I got last week for my birthday, along with this:

20151119_152312More flare jeans (That I didn’t know that they were until I tried em on!)

Jeans: a.n.a

20151122_160141My boyfriend brought me the bow and the bracelet for my birthday over the weekend. I got the player 1 bracelet and he has the player 2 bracelet.

Bow and bracelet: LOVEsick

I hope everyone had a good and safe Halloween, Veteran’s Day, and have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and holiday season! I can’t believe that 2015 is almost over.. time is going by too fast! At least we still have Christmas coming up next month.

These are the following stores I brought the clothes and such from:




Hot Topic (One of my favorite stores)


and Famous Footwear


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