Early 2016 Fashion and Beauty Products

Bonsoir! Happy belated Chinese New Year, President’s Day, Rounded Pi Day, and all of that holidays and important days.


Terribly sorry it took this long to make a new post.. I haven’t had much luck finding new clothes (I’m trying to stay away from clothes for now due to financial issues, unless it’s jeans, dresses, suits, or casual clothes) that match my style.. or finding new brands that I like (Although I do have one brand that I kinda like.. they just need to make some new clothes out to suit my fashion taste). Nonetheless, I still found some stuff (and a few beauty products for my hair) over the few months that 2016 has come and gone.






20160108_234056Purse: Simply Vera Vera Wang


20160108_234143Wallet: Apt. 9


I actually got this wallet and purse set as a gift. Of course I can’t really put my normal stuff in there, such as my Understanding Stocks book, but it is small enough to carry it round for a walk on the town, or even riding on a bike. By the way, I got em from Kohl’s.




20160220_145158Headband: Carole Jue


My stuffed animal that I got from my boyfriend (His name is Touré) as a birthday gift last year. He (Yes it’s a He) wants to show you what I found at JCPenny’s last month: A flower headband! I chose this one, cause it reminds me of the 1960’s, with Woodstock and whatnot. Oh, and the name that I gave my stuffed dog? His name is Kodzo (Named out of respect and after my boyfriend’s middle name (It’s actually pronounced ‘Ko-Jo’, by the way). His (My boyfriend) full name is Touré Kodzo Apawu (He’s also Ghanaian, which is really awesome), for a little awesome fact).


20160220_150021Necklace: Decree


I am half Native American (Cherokee), so whenever I find feathers (Either as earrings or necklaces, ect), I instantly must get em, so I not only wear em with style, but to represent my nationality and heritage (Imagine if a half Black, White, Native American, and part Asian mother  (Such as myself) and an Ghanaian father (Such as Touré) had a baby together… yea, I’m too curious bout that myself. One thing’s for sure: Our future children will have ridiculously thick hair (We both have thick, natural hair, go figure), so it’s gonna be a bit hard to maintain all of that hair (Especially when we have a boy.. man), but fun to figure out which hair products will be good for their hair).


20160220_150504Shirt and scarf: Self Esteem


My favorite shirt thus far, cause it reminds me of my nationality. Plus, I am a free-spirited rebel after all.



20160220_151228Jeans: Ariya Jeans (There’s Kodzo with my other teddy bear. His name is Takeda, named after my favorite Mortal Kombat character).


Finally, deconstructed flare jeans!! I always wanted these jeans ever since I first saw deconstructed skinny jeans!! They’re really fashionable!! I must have MORE!!! I got this outfit and accessories at JCPenny’s.






20160305_152848Shoes: Converse


I always wanted these shoes, cause I wanted new conserve, and with the black and pink shoes, I love em!


20160305_153136Pants: Croft and Barrow


What can I say? I love skulls, since they remind me of rock and heavy metal, so of course I had to get me one. These two I brought em at Kohl’s, as well


20160305_153244Now we get to the beauty product. This is the Garnier Fructis Grow Strong shampoo (I also have the conditioner) and mask. It actually does wonders to my hair thus far! What I usually do is the shampoo, conditioner, and then the mask. It makes my hair really, really soft (and strong) afterwards. I usually put the soothing milk in my hair as a leave-in conditioner, and then put a bit of grease in my hair, and then call it a day. Now, I just put the soothing milk in my hair, blow dry it, and be on my way. No grease at all. My hair is starting to get thick again, and now I actually like it. Time to embrace my thick, natural hair. I’ll have pictures of it soon, along with my boyfriend’s hair as well. I found this at Target, and I had to get em. l needed new shampoo and conditioner anyway.

Things have been going pretty crazy with me thus far in 2016, but I’m still making a fashion scene everywhere I go! Here are two pictures of me with my outfits:


20160227_120826My new outfit, making a 1960’s Native American style come to life

20160306_121454My rock/metal outfit.

Well, I hope you all enjoy this latest fashion/beauty news. I will get some 2016 prom dresses when I see em! It’s time for bed, since it’s 1:00 a.m. Central time here in my area. Bonne nuit…




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