Dress Mania

Bonsoir! I’m back once again, this time.. I got some new dresses!



20160430_164953Dress: Signature Tessa

I really love this dress! Ever since I had to get rid of my first black dress (It was too big, so I had to give it away to the needy), I always desired to find a new dress, but cause of lack of funds, I couldn’t find a good black dress that would suit my style. Then a few weeks ago, I was at this store called Dress Barn with my Mum. She told me to pick out some stuff that’ll cost a total of $100. Well, I did find a few stuff that actually came close to $100. This dress was one of them.


20160430_165105Dress: Dress Barn

This was the other dress that I actually got. The other thing that I got that day was a blue jean jacket. It actually goes below my knees (Which isn’t a big deal to me.. as long as it’s not a maxi dress, then I’m fine. I can’t wear maxi skirts, cause I’m short… even if I wear heels or wedge shoes, the dress will still be on the floor. Plus, it really feels uncomfortable to me), but hey, it’s good in case I decide to wear it to work or to a formal dinner.


20160506_205208Now this is a dress that I brought today before work.


Dress: Lily Rose


20160506_205240It’s so sparkly!

20160506_205257From the back

20160506_205332(Ooops.. ignore my tiny size 8-9 foot.) This is how it’s made at the bottom. Pretty cool, I must say. Also, it’s sparkly, so yes, the glitter will get all over the place. It really doesn’t bother me, as long as it doesn’t get on the food or some other spot whenever I go with this dress.

Well, that’s all of the dresses I gotten from the time span of a few weeks til now.. or is it?


20160506_211803(It’s actually a bit browner than what’s on the picture) Dress: Living Doll (Los Angeles)

This is actually one of the pieces that I need to complete my new style that I created:

20160506_211928What inspired me to ‘blend’ this style together was my love for feathers (Since it reminds me of my nationality) and the 1960’s (Mainly Woodstock) fashion. Now all I need are some white shoes, and I have completed the look!

Well.. time to head to bed.. I gotta get to work in the morning. Bonne nuit!


20160506_211948Necklace: Mudd

20160506_212001Headband: Decree

20160506_212011Feather clip: Decree

P.S. The following dresses that you see in this blog post were brought to you by Carson’s, Kohl’s, and Dress Barn.


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