Shopping Update: Shoes, Demin, and More!



20160701_234857*Croft and Barrow*


Bonjour, and welcome to another exciting blog post of Pour L’amour de la Mode Et Beauté (For the Love of Fashion and Beauty)!


Recently, I’ve been looking around for some new dresses, shoes, and just anything that would catch my attention, and guess what? I found a few of them and more! Oh, and those shoes that you see above? I brought those recently, cause I didn’t have any black shoes to wear when I sing at the church on Sundays (Yea, I joined the choir a few weeks ago, and one of the requirements is to wear black shoes. My old velvet shoes that I had were starting to wear out completely, and they were too big on me, so I had to throw it away).


Also, I decided to “downsize my closet”, because some of my old shoes that I had (…and clothes as well) were either worn out, or were too big on me (Apparently, I went down a size again (From my shirts, to pants, and yes, shoes), so some of my old clothes (and shoes) don’t fit me anymore), so I had to start finding new clothes (and shoes) that would fit me.




20160710_012947 *U.S. Polo Association*


20160715_175830Apparently, I can (almost) finally wear a size 9 jeans again! It’s a bit too tight though, but I can still fit them. As long as they stretch, then I’m fine.


20160715_180054I found a cute pink skirt when I was at Carson’s a few weeks ago. Unknowingly, I found a pink shirt that actually matches this skirt when I got home that day. Also, I forgot the brand name for this skirt, so as soon as I can, I’ll mention it.

20160715_180119Aside from wearing black shoes for choir, we actually have to wear black shirts, skirts, or dress. I was actually lucky to find one that I can wear both at church and for everyday wear as well.


20160715_180211Since I love clothes that reminds me of either rock, heavy metal, or grunge music (..and 90’s fashion), I had to get this shirt.

20160715_180251*Hippie Laundry*

20160722_151726*Arizona Jeans*

*Ignore the stuff on my bed, except for my shirt that I brought at JC Penny’s* Can’t go wrong with a shirt that says “California” on it, or anything related to California, am I right?


I thought this was cute, since a. It’s a flower pin, and b. I love the little pom-pom pin as well.


That’s it for this blog post. Join me next time, as I find some other cute outfits and/or shoes that I find. Oh, and there was another pair of jeans (and a few more items) that I brought several days ago, but I forgot to post it on here. That’ll be saved for the next post.

Until then, bye bye!


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