Mini Birthday Shopping Spree

Bonjour, et heureux Cyber Monday! Also, happy belated Thanksgiving (Here in the U.S.) and Black Friday! I hope all of your Thanksgiving was a good one! Me…  I had to work both Thanksgiving AND Black Friday (Almost 11 hours on Friday, to be exact). Anyway, on the bright side, I did had a really wonderful birthday last following Friday. Also, I decided to do a little mini shopping spree a few days before my birthday (Because my boyfriend decided to surprise me by waking me up that morning and treating me out to breakfast on that day. I had friends coming over later on that day as well). Here’s what I brought from this mini shopping spree:



20161115_141617*St. John’s Bay*

This small purse is perfect, because not only does it have a lot of pockets (..and I love purses with lots of pockets in them. Also, this one has about 9 in total, including a secret lift flap), but it’s perfect for when I walk around downtown Chicago.

So.. for the record, I decided to go ahead and give away my old purses (I had tons of them, filling up my closet), because all I needed was just four:

  • One small purse to take in case I had to go out of town, or to say Downtown Chicago and whatnot
  • One brightly colored purse for Spring and Summer
  • One fall/winter purse (Usually in red, maroon, green, any dark color), and…
  • One professional-looking purse, for business, casual, and interviews.

That way, I’ll have enough space in my closet and won’t have to worry about buying new purses every year (Unless my current ones start to wear and tear, or I decided to give them away).



I really needed a new fall/winter purse, because it was time for a change. My old purse was starting to become a bit too cramped to put all of my stuff in, so I went with this. It’s really cute, and I like the color.

20161115_142013*Anne Kline*

I got this from Carson’s, and I couldn’t resist it. After my old purse started to tear (The buttons on it started to fall off), I decided to look for a new one for professional/business/casual reasons. I found a few that caught my eye, but the price was just out of my range (Even after it was marked down, there weren’t anymore of the ones that I wanted. Twas a bummer, indeed…). On the week of my birthday, I decided to stop by Carson’s to see if I can at least find something to replace it.. and so I did. One of the things that I love about this purse is this:

20161115_142026It has a little wristlet inside!! Plus, the inside of it was just beautiful.

Check out some more stuff that I brought for my birthday:


20161115_141754*St. John’s Bay*

Well, I needed red shoes, because I never had a pair like this before. This will do.



I’m starting to like chokers, and I couldn’t resist this one.. and a few more:


20161115_142331*Carole Inc.*


This is a mood choker. It’s pretty awesome!

Of course, I found some more hair accessories:


20161115_142243*Carole Inc.*

I found some wallets to go with my new purses:






Last, but not least: Some tops and dress shirts. That’s gonna be my next project, is to buy new dress tops, pants, and suits, since I am starting not to fit most of them anymore…



20161119_215942*Mighty Fine*

20161119_220005*My Michelle*

I actually did good as far as shopping goes, with staying under my budget and everything. Tomorrow (If I have time before work), I’ll post my mini Black Friday shopping spree. If not, then it’ll be either Thursday or Friday.

Happy Holidays!


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