Mini Black Friday Shopping Spree

Sorry this took longer than expected, but bonjour! Here’s what I brought on Black Friday (..and on other days where I had my play to perform at my church last weekend):


20161125_123614Soft and cozy… plus, I need more leggings anyway.


20161125_123644*Cuddle Duds*


20161125_124127Finally.. I got another suit! I just need a few more to go.. and a whole lot of dress pants, because they’re starting to become too big on me again.

20161125_124215*Suit and pants: Worthington*


I stumbled upon this skirt, and it caught my eye the moment I saw it. Well.. that’s all for the stuff that I brought on Black Friday. Here’s a few more things I brought afterwards:


20161127_151450*Lily Rose*



That’s all for today. If I find some more stuff, I’ll make sure to post it as soon as I can! Oh, and here’s my outfit—er, well.. costume that I wore at this play called Scrooge the Musical:

20161204_113021I was dressed as a caroler, so I had to buy a shaw or a wrap to look like a cape, and a maxi skirt. Needless to say, I did well last weekend (..and this was act 1. Act 2 will be this weekend), to say the least. Wearing a maxi skirt is okay, but the only complaint that I have (..and I was right about it), is the fact that because I am short, I had to put it up to my stomach in order to come off of the ground.. and to not step on the back of it whenever I get up or step up the stairs. It was kinda of a pain to deal with (..and I couldn’t wear heels, cause it would still be too long. Plus, I was on the stairs through most of the play, so I didn’t want to trip and fall), but I made it work. Go me!!


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