Carson’s Mini Clearance Shopping Spree

“A shopper who finds amazing deals either online or in store is a happy shopper”… or something to that matter.

Well a few weeks ago, I decided to do a little mini shopping at Carson’s (For a few reasons.. mainly just to find some black outfits for church). Take a look at what I found:


20170209_131550*Skylar and Jade*

I originally got this, cause I needed a new sweater for work, and this is indeed warm.. and soft. Plus, you can wear a belt around it to give it a stylish look as well.

20170209_131722*Sequin Hearts*

I found another tutu skirt, and one that I can wear to church as well!



20170209_131916*Sequin Hearts*

I absolutely adore this dress. Not only is it velvet, but the lace at the bottom makes the attire look really elegant.



20170209_132145*Skylar and Jade*

I finally have a velvet suit jacket. Yay me.


I also have a velvet shirt to wear for church.. or for a night out.



Along with black and silver, black and gold are a perfect match to wear.. especially if you want to look luxurious (Along with velvet).



The more black attire that I can find for church (and/or work, or even to a casual event), the more versatile my wardrobe will be. Plus, I love black. 🙂




20170209_132821*Skylar and Jade*

I brought this coat for only $30.. and it was originally $120! You can never go wrong with too many coats.. especially if you don’t have a lot of lightweight coats. This is actually really warm, and I love how it’s made as well! Now I won’t have to wear my black and white checkered coat all of the time, especially in 30-40 degree weather!

All of this cost me no more than $110 total. After finding all of this on clearance, you really can’t beat that total price!

It will probably be a while before I start shopping again, unless I go to another Carson’s, and see what they have there. That would probably be in a month or two.. probably.


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