June Shopping Update

Bonjour! June was a busy month for me (As far as shopping, and work goes). Anyway, enjoy these awesome stuff that I picked up!

20170609_122843New professional purse. It’s even spacious too!




20170609_122939*Purse: Simply Vera

20170610_214322One of three pairs of new shoes… about time, cause I needed new gym shoes!


20170610_214334Even though I’m a size 7 1/2-8 (I have tiny feet, I know), I still need shoes at least a size higher, depending on how small it is.

20170610_214344*Shoes: Sketchers*

20170610_214407Two of three pairs of shoes.. and these are high tops!


20170610_214425*Shoes: Sketchers*

20170610_214444Three of three pairs of shoes. I finally have some shoes to wear to work on truck days (Believe me, working at 5:30 in the morning is no joke).


20170610_214508*Shoes: Asics*

20170621_141633New Black Sabbath shirt. Yay!

20170621_141759*Skirt: Candies*

I finally found a velvet skirt. Now all I need are velvet leggings, and I will finally have a velvet outfit.

20170621_141838I love The Who.. and I finally have the shirt! Now all I need is a Megadeth and Avenged Sevenfold shirt, and my band shirt collection is complete.

20170624_114539This dress reminds me of something that you would find in the 90’s.

20170624_114543*Dress: Rewind*


20170624_114628*Jacket: Candies*

20170703_121249*Skirt: Candies*

Speaking of velvet skirts, I found the exact same skirt, but in pink! The more suede and velvet skirts that I have, the merrier!


20170703_121326*Shirt: Pirates of the Caribbean collection*

20170703_121344 *Skirt: Apt. 9*

Well, that’s all of the items that I brought last month. Hopefully I will find some more stuff for this month’s shopping collection!


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