Shopping Therapy: Month One (Carson’s)

Bonsoir.. welcome to my twelve month shopping therapy! This is gonna be a fun segment in which I take my frustrations out on shopping for a year (Once every month). Each month, I go to a different store to look around and shop for stuff that I either need or want to buy to go with my outfits. I may go to more than one store on the same day, but in the end, I will focus on buying from the store of my choosing.


This month, I decided to head to Carson’s to shop around. I needed a new pair of work shoes (My old ones didn’t have any support, and therefore, it made my feet hurt whenever I stand or walk for more than 6 hours), and a new pair of shorts (I went down a size, and I didn’t have any shorts lying around). Well, I was trying not to go over my budget, so I decided to skip out on the shorts for now (Since I actually brought a pair at Walmart earlier), and buy those new work shoes. I needed it.






20170722_203506*Shoes: Sketchers*

I always wanted a pair of these, but they were way out of my budget. I needed to wait until they got on sale (Like no more than $55 for them). I found them for $54.99. Because Sketchers and Fila run a bit too small for me (For those who don’t know, I usually wear between sizes 7.5-8, depending on how big the shoe is. Yes, my feet are tiny for an almost 30 year old, hah!), I had to go up a half size.


20170722_211226*Choker: Erica Lyons*

I actually had a little pom pom choker that I found at Kohl’s. I was kinda surprised that I found a bigger version of it that I can add to my collection (Pom poms are all the rage now! It seems like the trend is finally catching on..)! I will show my tiny, but growing choker collection on the next post.





20170722_212002*Shoes: Anne Klein*

Yes ladies and gentlemen, these shoes are so rad and elegant! I actually brought them on clearance! They were originally $90, but I got them for almost $38! I love these cause of two things: 1. It’s velvet.. and anything velvet and suede that I find, I want.. a lot. 2. Take a look at the bottom of those shoes with the zirconium (..or diamonds, I guess?) inside them!! I’m gonna take elegance to the next level, when I head to my next party!

Well.. that’s the end of my first shopping therapy for this month. Join me next month as I take a look at some back to school and fall shopping! Here are some extras that I brought along the way today:




20170722_120032*Leggings: No Boundaries*

20170722_120214*Leggings: No Boundaries*

20170722_120317*Shorts: No Boundaries*


*Hot Topic*


20170722_201131*Bow: Bioworld*

20170722_201220*Choker: Black Heart*

20170722_201753*Bow: Neon Tuesday*

Now all I need are some Playstation socks, and I’m all set! If I can find some Playstation leggings, shoes, or at least a skirt, shorts, or pants, then that would be a plus! Same with Nintendo!

20170722_202458*Bracelet: Black heart*

Here we go.. my very first velvet bracelet. I’m so excited about this, that I really don’t know what to do.. other than buy some more of these!!





20170722_210324*Shoes: So*

Here we go, my very first ballet fashion shoes! I’m not a ballerina, nor have I ever done ballet before, but I can stand like one, as you can see here! They do have one in black, so I will get the black ones next week.

20170722_210723*Shoes: So*

Finally, I have one pair of shoes that I can wear to match my 60’s outfits! I might buy another pair, if they have it, of course…

Anyway, I’m gonna try to start continuing my other blogs, and this one as well. Until next time!!


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