After Christmas Party

Well, well, well, good evening everyone!

I had a great time at my job’s after Christmas party! So, I had to wear something cute (As I always do, but still..), but since I found some Princess Vera Wang shoes, I decided to go with a grey/black/cream outfit.. with a bit of Princess Vera Wang mixed in it.

008Oh yea, that’s me tonight.

011013Oh, and I tried to curl my hair… that was a disaster. So I tried to straighten it back, but this was the result… I’m surprised that it turned out decent..

014012I’m not sure if anyone can see it, but I decided to do a triple eye shadow color: Grey, black, and white (Grey and black on one side, and grey and white on the other. The white can be hard to see, cause it’s kinda faint.. and it’s kinda blending with the grey as expected).

015Dress: Princess Vera Wang

Leggings: Cuddle Duds

Socks: Sonoma

Headband: Natasha

Hat: Fair Weather Accessories

Earrings: J’Ning Fashion & Accessories

003Shoes: Princess Vera Wang

Bonne nuit, everyone!

001004Added bonus: Thursday night, I brought some new flats for only $5.50! They’re by Sonoma, but I forgot to make a blog post bout it, plus the Princess Vera Wang ankle boots that I brought as well.


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